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Bathroom trends

The pinnacle of well-being.

Bathroom trends from Villeroy & Boch

Anyone planning to turn their dream bathroom into reality this year can expect something extra special. Because bathroom trends for 2017 are all about personal wellbeing and individual needs. Designed with maximum comfort in mind, the latest bathroom solutions inspire with many clever details to ensure a comfortable and user-friendly bathroom experience.

Technical features and special controls make life even easier. And there is definitely plenty to catch the eye in 2017: stylish design creates a feel-good atmosphere while still leaving scope for individual taste. Find inspiration now from the 2017 bathroom trends and turn your bathroom into a space that simply has more to offer in every way.

More entertainment thanks to smart technology

More entertainment thanks to smart technology

Digitalisation and entertainment are becoming increasingly important in many areas. And in 2017, the bathroom too is becoming a multifunctional and multimedia space. Technical features and controls, as well as innovative lighting and sound concepts, take the strain out of everyday tasks for ultimate relaxation in the bathroom.

Stream your music collection into your bathroom from a Bluetooth®-enabled device to enjoy your favourite tracks. Villeroy & Boch's ViSound sound system brings an amazing sound experience directly to your bathtub. Integrated invisibly in the mirror, the powerful premium sound system from the More to See 14 and Finion collections also generates a unique sound in the bathroom. Set the scene for perfect relaxation with the Finion lighting concept: with LED lighting and an Emotion feature integrated in the furniture, bath and mirror. The modern Villeroy & Boch bathroom offers even more handy features, including a wireless charging station for your smartphone and an anti-condensation feature in the mirror.

Greater individuality and design freedom

Individuality and design freedom

An established trend in many areas of life is now entering the world of bathroom design, too: greater individuality. In 2017, customised solutions allow you to add a very personal touch to your bathroom, including exclusive items finished by hand according to your specifications or adapted precisely to your dimensions.

Villeroy & Boch is playing an active role in driving this bathroom trend in 2017. For example, with the captivating and unique Octagon washbasin, featuring a pedestal that can be finished in a selection of premium materials to suit your personal taste. Or the new Subway Infinity and Squaro Infinity shower trays, available in a wide range of colours and which can be tailored with millimetre precision to your bathroom dimensions. ViPrint provides stylish decors for Subway Infinity shower trays, creating a whole new range of options to express your personal style.

Greater hygiene thanks to rimless toilets

The highlight of 2017 bathroom trends is definitely rimless toilets. Not only do they offer a more hygienic solution in the bathroom, they also meet the wishes of many people for more easy to care products – from families with children through to elderly people who find housework increasingly difficult. Due to its innovative open design, every corner of the bowl is easy to reach so that toilets can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. In addition the entire bowl is flushed, preventing deposits from forming and reducing the amount of cleaning even more.

Find out everything about rimless DirectFlush toilets from Villeroy & Boch and discover how the antibacterial glaze of AntiBac and the dirt-repellent surface of CeramicPlus provide for even more cleanliness and hygiene. The innovative compartment for toilet blocks, ViFresh, also keeps your toilet fragrantly fresh and hygienic with every flush.

More comfort to feel good

More comfort to feel good

This home interior trend is all about wellbeing. In 2017, the bathroom is being transformed into a welcoming living space equipped with every conceivable comfort, a perfect place to relax and unwind. Luxurious materials, warm colours and high-quality accessories come together in the living bathroom to create a very soothing atmosphere.

Treat yourself to pampering comfort with the Vivia collection. In addition to a convenient furniture console with a hinged mirror and removable accessory boxes, it even includes a dry storage area in the shower for your towel. Not forgetting Villeroy & Boch's ViSeat, to take seating comfort to a whole new level This innovative toilet seat offers some impressive features, including auto open/close and a nightlight. For more feel-good highlights in your bathroom, choose the More to See 14 mirror and the My View 14 mirror cabinet.

Bold bathroom colours for new personalised design horizons

Bold bathroom colours for new personalised design horizons

Colourful design is the most personal of all the 2017 bathroom trends. Colours evoke emotions, create atmosphere and stamp interiors with individual style. Create an illusion of space with bright yellow, convey power and energy with red or relax with soothing tones of green and blue.

In bathrooms, designs making a break from the traditional classic white are particularly in demand. Brightly coloured ceramics and bathroom furniture make strong style statements and give a room a very homely feel.

Villeroy & Boch can help you showcase this interior design trend in your own bathroom. Choose from over 200 exciting new bathroom shades – including a selection developed by designer Gesa Hansen – to create colourful looks for products such as the TitanCeram Artis washbasins or Squaro Edge 12, La Belle and Loop & Friends baths.

Are you looking for even more colour? Discover Villeroy & Boch's colourful kitchen sinks.

Floor-level showers give you a feeling of more space

Floor-level showers give you a feeling of more space

Floor-level showers are a must-have for every bathroom in 2017. Integrated flush in the floor, they create a large, continuous floor surface and provide you with modern bathroom design for your home. Not only do they look extremely stylish, they make small bathrooms look much larger.

They are also full of convenient features.
Besides being quick and easy to clean, floor-level showers are easy to walk in safely and easily and provide more freedom of movement in the bathroom without any risk of tripping. They are therefore ideal for modern barrier-free bathrooms where both young and old can feel equally at home.

Whether you are planning a new bathroom or renovating an old one – using the shower tray collections of Architectura, Squaro or Futurion Flat from Villeroy & Boch, nothing more can stand in the way of your showering pleasure.

Graceful design produces greater lightness

Graceful design produces greater lightness

One of the most promising furnishing trends in 2017 is clear minimalist bathroom design. Graceful shapes, narrow edges and precision corners lend the ceramics and furniture a modern appeal and stylish refinement. Such purist elegance confers an indescribable feeling of lightness to the bathroom, making it more spacious and open and offering more room at first glance to feel good. Now there is more space for high-quality accessories and touches of fresh colour.

Excellent examples of this bathroom trend are the Venticello collection and Octagon, a masterpiece which presents the unique design options of the new material TitanCeram in an impressive way. TitanCeram is an innovative material that for the first time allows the manufacture of products with extremely thin walls in premium quality.

How does the delicate design of Venticello meet the taste of fashion designer Kilian Kerner so precisely? Find out more

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