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Vanity unit with washbasin Angular


Hommage Bathroom furniture, Vanity unit for washbasin, Vanity units
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Hommage Bathroom furniture, Vanity unit for washbasin, Vanity units

Vanity unit with washbasin Angular


985 x 905 x 620 mm Angular 898063

Colour: White Alpin CeramicPlus
White Alpin CeramicPlus
White Alpin CeramicPlus


Star White CeramicPlus
Star White CeramicPlus
Star White CeramicPlus



  • Timeless design and high-quality materials such as marble and genuine wood
  • Vanity unit with storage space right under the bathroom sink
  • Noiseless closing elements with SoftClosing and self-closing device
  • Drawers with full extension - everything at a glance
  • CeramicPlus for quick and hygienic cleaning
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Product description

Hommage from Villeroy & Boch


Hommage – Paying tribute to a great age

The timeless as well as striking premium collection Hommage by Villeroy & Boch impresses with linear forms and a blend of marble and real wood true to style. Inspired by the early 20th century, Hommage combines timeless design elements from a great era, thus adding special touches to the luxurious Villeroy & Boch bathroom.

  • High-quality materials such as real wood veneer and marble
  • Timeless design with a nod to the early 20th century
  • Elegant furniture finish made of solid maplewood in walnut or white matt lacquer
  • Exceptional edging design
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Finion from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Finion

Product type

Vanity units: Well arranged accessories

Where to put all the different items that you need everyday in the bathroom? Vanity units by Villeroy & Boch offer the practical and space-saving solution to this, and easily allow you to get even the smallest bathroom in more order. With a vanity unit from Villeroy & Boch, you will always have everything you need within reach, right under the bathroom sink.

  • Space-saving storage under the bathroom sink
  • Individual design options with various different colours and materials
  • Furniture and ceramics from one location: vanity units in the matching design to the bathroom sink
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Subway 2.0 from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Subway 2.0

Product feature

Doors and drawers with SoftClosing mechanism and self-closing device

The modern SoftClosing technology closes drawers and doors silently and gently, even when force is used. The SoftClosing mechanism slows down the drawer and automatically closes it, slowly and silently – not only is it pleasant to the ears, it is also gentle on the bathroom furniture.

  • Shock-absorbing, soft-closing doors and drawers even when slammed shut
  • More comfort and safety in daily use
  • Even heavily loaded drawers glide closed with ease
Bathroom furniture with full extension from Villeroy & Boch

Product feature

Full extension

The full extension allows drawers and pull-outs to be opened to their full depth. This ensures that the entire contents is visible and convenient to reach. No annoying rummaging around in the back of the drawer – bathroom furniture with full extension gives you the full overview.

  • Drawers can be drawn out to their full depth
  • Immediate overview of the full contents
  • All accessories are conveniently accessible
CeramicPlus from Villeroy & Boch

Product feature

CeramicPlus - Less cleaning - more time to enjoy life

CeramicPlus - the anti-dirt surface for sanitary ceramics - simplifies bathroom cleaning. This innovative process causes water to immediately form droplets on contact, which then merge into beads and simply drain away, carrying dirt and limescale particles with them.

  • CeramicPlus ensures optimum hygiene and cleanliness
  • Proven to cut cleaning time in the bathroom by 90%
  • Environmentally friendly since it only uses 10% of the cleaning solution normally required
  • Resistant to normal household cleaners and cosmetic products
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Technical information

Collection Hommage
Model 898063
Width 985 mm
Depth 620 mm
Weight 95,4 kg
Product designation Vanity unit with washbasin

Vanity unit, Built-in washbasin 7102 63, square handles to match ceramics, fastening set included. Equipped with: 1x drawer, 2x doors, 1x shelf, 1x marble countertop with ledge. Equipped with: 1x drawer, 2x doors, 1x shelf, 1x marble countertop with ledge

Form Angular



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