Easter decorations

Decorate your home with charming accessories

It’s all about the details

The right decoration creates the perfect Easter atmosphere. Original details will make your home look really festive. Our Easter accessories such as bunny figurines, vases, napkins and the matching table decoration will turn your home into a true Easter wonderland where your guests will feel right at ease.


The first spring bloomers exude their gentle fragrance in every corner. Use branches of forsythia, ornamental plums, etc. and add a pretty touch by placing the Bunny Tales Ornaments between the buds and flowers. The young bunnies in the colourful porcelain eggs will cheerfully greet your guests and spread a cosy atmosphere. Discover more pendants in our New Flower Bells collection.


Decorative porcelain bunnies

Easter bunnies are simply a part of the spring festival. The porcelain Bunny Tales with hand-painted details look just the part as playful decoration on the table between the plates and bowls. The bunny figurines can be mixed and matched with each other and also make beautiful gifts.

Floral Easter tableware

From a cosy brunch with your loved ones to afternoon coffee and cake: invite your friends and family and serve up with our Easter style crockery collections. Bring colour to the table with the playful Spring Awakening floral pattern. Beautiful napkins and natural decoration round off your Easter set.

DIY bunny mandala

A colourful bunny, composed of flowers and leaves in soft spring colours, adorns the Spring Awakening Easter collection. We have put together a number of wonderful ideas on this page to help you make your own Easter ornaments with the bunny mandala.

Simply download the bunny motif and create your own Easter decoration. And away you go.

Our Easter decoration ideas

Simply make it yourself

Creative Easter decorations

Easy homemade Easter decorations: To do this, place a napkin completely opened onto a surface and fold any corner over the opposite corner to create a triangle. Then roll up the long edge from the bottom towards the top to the half-way point of the triangle. Now place the egg in the centre and enclose it using the rolled-up side. Finally, take a lovely ribbon or yarn and affix both ends of the napkin right over the egg as in our picture. Voilà: the creative Easter decoration is finished.

Easter card with a bunny motif

Send a personal Easter greeting to loved ones. To make the card, fold a piece of coloured paper in the middle and decorate the front with our original bunny mandala. Or simply create your own motif. Paint the palm of your hand, your index finger and your little finger with white paint and gently press your hand onto the card. Once the paint has dried, add eyes, a mouth and a nose – and you have your very own Easter card.

An Easter nest on every plate

Decorate every place setting on the Easter table with stylish details. Fold a paper or cloth napkin into a triangle and then join the two lower points with a wooden clothes peg. Place the napkin onto the plate and put a colourful painted egg in an egg cup in the centre. Add our cute paper mandala bunny to the set – simply download, print and cut out.

Colourful paper fans

Paper fans in fresh spring colours add a splash of joy. Simply fold a piece of paper into a fan. Fix the ends in place with glue or sticky tape to create a circle. Stick our bunny mandala into the middle of the fan to give the fan an Easter touch. Add some variety with more creative motifs and hang up your DIY decoration all over your home.