A magical journey around the world

Join Chewy and Lily on an adventure

Villeroy & Boch's new "Adventures of Chewy and Lily" double collection whisks young discoverers away to a magical adventure around the world. Be it at breakfast, lunch or dinner, your children can experience the story of the two hamsters Chewy and Lily. Every episode of their adventure is illustrated on the dishes, plates and mugs in great detail and vibrant colours. Surprise your children, godchildren or grandchildren with the high-quality tableware or lunch boxes.

Where is Lily?

The little hamster Chewy travels the world, looking for his great love Lily who has disappeared to Magicland. He makes lots of new friends and experiences exciting adventures on his quest, e.g. a flying fish takes him high up into the clouds so he can cross a range of mountains. A friendly turtle carries him on his back into the deep blue sea. Children can experience all of his adventures in the decoration on the Adventures of Lily and Chewy collection.

In Magicland

Lily the hamster, meanwhile, has ventured deep into the enchanting Magicland. The Lily in Magicland collection shows her fascinating experiences in this strange and wonderful world with a number of lovingly designed motifs. The mugs and plates together tell the story of her exciting and adventurous journey, which – in keeping with the style of Magicland – ends in a tea party with dear friends.

Every meal a new adventure

Chewy eventually finds his great love Lily at her underwater tea party. The double collection tells this story on colourful, lively tableware elements, dominated by the colours pink and blue to make them appealing to girls and boys alike. If your children want to find out more about Chewy and Lily, then they can watch two video films on our website that recount their story.

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A big service for little ones

The 2-year Villeroy & Boch breakage guarantee for
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your ceramic breaks, you get a free replacement,
under the conditions of the guarantee.*

Lily in Magicland Egg cup

Lily in Magicland Flat children’s plate

Lily in Magicland Sweet jar

Lily in Magicland Large children’s mug

Chewy around the World Egg cup

Chewy around the World Flat children’s plate

Chewy around the World Sweet jar

Chewy around the World Large children’s mug