Strongly textured and lively: Striking wall and floor designs

TUCSON: Atmospheric presentations with a breath of rustic charm

With selected natural hues in multi-coloured compositions, the TUCSON range interprets the expressive character and richness of variations of original stone.

With strong stone textures and nuances of colour, the CÁDIZ range lends a naturally warm atmosphere to rooms throughout the house. The wall tiles with powdery soft hues of chalk create a bright, comfortable flair, while the floor tiles – which can also be laid on the wall – produce allow for expressive surfaces with a striking play of colours.

CÁDIZ: Unmistakable details drawn from nature 

NATURAL BLEND: For modern and classic style worlds with a claim to originality

The NATURAL BLEND range tells the story of the complexity of the stones. The natural look recreates a mineral structure of different layers, which become visible as stripes when mined or cut. The design shows lighter and darker zones along with translucent gradients that are more or less densely populated by apparent inclusions.